Ice Ducky - The road to the throne.
Winter has come
The road to the throne is paved with ice.

Ice Ducky must survive the perilous road home if he is to claim his throne. The cold is such that a moment's rest would mean the end. Furthermore, he must avoid deadly icicles in his path. How far can he make it? The fate of the world depends on Ice Ducky.

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Cutting-edge graphics
8-bit style.

Ice Ducky features the best 8-bit graphics known to man at ultra-smooth frame-rates. Advanced particle effects make Ice Ducky one of the most graphically demanding games you will ever play.
Immersive soundtrack
Three amazing pieces.

Gameplay is at it's best when matched with immersive musical scores. You are sure to find yourself humming the three masterpieces featured in Ice Ducky all day long.
Ruthless competition
Who will have the highest score?

The GameCenter Leaderboard allows you and your friends to compete with players from around the world to see who can get the highest score. The stakes have never been higher.
Monumental achievements
Can you get the imperial crown?

The more deadly icicles you avoid, the closer you are to the ultimate crown. Obtain the titles of Baron (10), Count (25), Duke (50), King (75), and Emperor (100). Your honour is at stake!