uPointer - Never lose track of your cursor again.

Enough is Enough
Stop playing "find the cursor"

With uPointer, you'll never find yourself squinting to find your cursor again - uPointer will mark your cursor so you'll be able to concentrate on your work. uPointer is perfect for users with eye-sight problems, large displays, or that are simply fed-up with losing-track of their cursor for any reason.

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Customizable to your liking.

The mark that uPointer underlays to the cursor is completely customizable. You decide on the color, size, and shape. Choose between a circle, a ring, a cross, a crosshair, or a line. You can even set the opacity of the mark to be able to read what lies beneath it with ease.
Pulse for more visibility.

You can even make the uPointer mark pulsate. Choose a pulsation speed of either slow, normal, or fast to make uPointer work exactly how you want it to.